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Astroglide 4 oz O Lubricant & Massag...


A unique blend of organic, ultra-hydrating plant-based oils give this personal lubricant and massage oil a luxurious feel. This 99% organic blend of lightweight oils including coconut, argan and sweet almond is designed to provide long-lasting lubric..

Doc Johnson 3.4 oz. Main Squeeze Water B...


Keep a bottle of this water-based lube on hand to have your Main Squeeze ready for anything. The precision nozzle is specially designed to lubricate the inside of your Main Squeeze stroker and is perfect for spot application of lubes to the body or o..

Doc Johnson Kink 4 oz Anal Lubricant


Do Everything Butt! Kink by Doc Johnson Anal Lubricant is an extra-thick water-based formula created for maximum slide and staying power. To bring your kinky fantasies to life, we gave this lube the texture and consistency of real spit for authentic ..

Doc Johnson Kink 4 oz Hybrid Lubricant


It�s the best of both worlds. Kink by Doc Johnson Hybrid lubricant features our special blend of water-based and silicone-based ingredients, creating a smooth, creamy texture � your skin will beg for more. This hybrid lube�s thick, cushiony formula i..

Doc JohnsonKink Silicone Based Lubricant...


How wet can you get? Kink by Doc Johnson Silicone Lubricant is formulated to eliminate friction and stay slick and slippery for hours of intense play � silicone-based lubes shouldn�t be used with other silicone items, but provide the most long-lastin..

Doc JohnsonKink Water Based Lubricant 4 ...


Stay hydrated! Kink by Doc Johnson Water-Based Lubricant is the most versatile lube in the Kink line of products. Formulated to be longer-lasting than previous water-based lubricants, this lube offers supplements the body�s natural lubrication for al..

Intimate Earth 120 ml Ease Relaxing Bisa...


All natural Bisabolol extract from the chamomile plant makes this the perfect silicone glide for relaxing anal sex. It has been used for hundreds of years in skin remedies because of its skin healing and muscle relaxing properties. Bisabolol is know..

Intimate Earth 3 ml Flavored Lubricant F...


Smells light and fruity, with a decadent richness that�s hard to match. The flavor is slightly sweet, exceptionally yummy and highly addictive, tasting like a mouth-watering cherry candy you just can�t get enough of. Made with Organic Stevia..

Intimate Earth 60 ml Defense Anti-Bacter...


DEFENSE � Anti-Yeast Infection and HPV protection glide containing Caarrageean (Sea Kelp) and Guava Bark Anti-Bacterial extract. This is an exciting breakthrough in glides. A recent study conducted by researchers from The National Cancer Institute ..

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